Can I take a proctored exam at the library?

This library offers test proctoring services.

  • Arrangements must be made with library staff in advance. If a conference room or computer is required, it must be reserved prior to the testing.
  • Call Johnston Public Library staff at 515-278-5233, ext. 3 to get JPL proctoring information to submit to your university or institution.
  • The student must present a photo ID at the time of the exam. Student's belongings shall be left with library staff during testing. The time limit as well as all other notes designated on the test will be enforced.
  • The library assumes no responsibility to the testing agency or the student if the student fails to make arrangements to take the exam within the time allotted by the agency.
  • The library also reserves the right to refuse to proctor tests that require modifications to our public computers or require an undue burden on staff to closely monitor the activities of a student while taking the test.
  • There is no charge for proctoring but the student is responsible for paying any postage fees associated with the test.
  • Charge for postage varies on the rates and the class.

Please contact us with questions.

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