Public Works Department


The Johnston Public Works Department consists of streets, construction and stormwater observation, wastewater, water, fleet services and traffic and facilities divisions.

The Department provides maintenance and service for streets, storm sewers, water and sewer lines, and city vehicles as well as stormwater drainage ways, city facilities, traffic signals and signs. In all, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • 107 miles of streets or 257 lane miles in total 
  • 90.3 miles of sanitary sewer lines 
  • 2,122 sanitary manholes 
  • 341 grinder pump assemblies 
  • 6 sanitary lift stations
  • 152.5 miles of water mains 
  • 1,974 fire hydrants assemblies 
  • 1,675 water main valves 
  • 5 water pump stations 
  • Three storage tanks that hold an estimated four million gallons of water 
  • 87.3 miles of storm sewer
  • 2,296 storm sewer manholes 
  • 3,844 storm sewer inlets
  1. Matt Greiner_2023_225x198 pixels

    Matt Greiner

    Public Works Director

    Office Hours:
    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 PM

    6400 NW Beaver Dr.
    Johnston, IA 50131

  2. Scott Chiri

    Public Works Superintendent

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