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Can I check out a book club set from JPL?

Yes. You can check out an available single book or multiple copies for your book club group.

How long can I keep the set?

Book club sets check out for six weeks.

Can I renew my book club book(s)?

Since our book club books sets are often on the move to other libraries or book clubs, they may not be renewed.

How do I find out what sets JPL lends and if they are available?

Go to the Johnston Public Library website at, hover over Browse, and select Book Club Sets from the drop-down menu. You may browse the entire collection or refine your search by clicking on Status: Checked-In Titles Only. A helpful summary is listed after each book title.

How do I place a hold on a book club set or book?

1. Call the library at 515-278-5233, ext.619 and ask Lori for assistance in placing a set on hold.

2. From the JPL website go to: Browse -> Book Club Sets -> Refine (checked-in titles only). After selecting a title, click on the Place Hold button. Choose one or multiple copies. Choosing multiple copies will open an order form. Enter the number of copies needed, dates of group handout and discussion, and if you have not already logged in to your account, your barcode number. The submitted form will be sent to a staff person who will fill your order, check it out to your account, and alert you when it is ready to be picked up. If you do not already have a library card, please call the Circulation Desk for assistance.

Should each person from my book club check out their own copy?

We find that it is best to have the book club set checked out on one account.

How do I pick up a reserved book club set?

When you are notified by email or phone call that your set is ready for pick up, please come to the Circulation Desk.  A staff member will give you your checked-out book club set in a tote bag. You are on your way!

How do I return a book club set?

Please bring your set (including the tote bag), to the Circulation Desk. Staff will take care of checking it in!

What if someone from my group has not returned their book and the set is due?

No problem. Bring in the set and we will check in the returned books. We will then work with you in resolving the missing book.

For Book Club Leaders

Want to read the latest titles or more popular items? It’s a great idea to reserve book club sets in advance. Assemble a list of titles your club would like to read and we will help you reserve them when they are available.

Need recommendations or just need to know what is available now? Call 515-278-5233 ext. 619 and speak with Lori, or stop by weekdays between 12:00pm and 5:00pm to chat in person. We can prepare an available book club set while you wait, complete with discussion questions.

Brief summaries of all of our titles are available on our website at This may help your group choose the next read. If you want to get further acquainted with a book, we will often have single copies available for checkout.

For a printable version of the FAQ, click here.