Test Proctoring

The library offers proctoring services to the public. Please review some of the guidelines in the following and contact us via email at the Library or by phone at 515-278-5233 with questions.

  • Arrangements must be made with library staff in advance. If a study room and/or computer is required, it must be reserved prior to the testing.
  • Call Johnston Public Library staff at 515-278-5233, ext. 3 to get proctoring information to submit to your university or institution.
  • Staff will reserve a room at JPL for the proctored test.
  • Test takers should call or email Johnston Public Library a couple days ahead of the scheduled test to confirm that the library has received testing materials.
  • Students must present a photo ID at the time of the exam. The time limit as well as all other restrictions designated by the instructor will be enforced.
  • There is no charge for proctoring but students are responsible for paying any associated postage or faxing fees.