Meeting Rooms


The library has several rooms available for public use: small study rooms, with capacities of 1 to 6, as well as larger meeting rooms, with capacities of 12 to 200. Rooms may be reserved up to three months in advance.

Please review the guidelines below to ensure your plans are permitted within our meeting room policy.

  • Groups may hold meetings once per calendar month at no charge. A fee of $20/hour will be charged for subsequent meetings held in the same calendar month.
  • No social events or private parties are allowed
  • Meetings that charge for attendance are not allowed. No admission, collection, or donations may be taken
  • Groups are responsible for set-up and clean-up

For Businesses

  • Meeting rooms are not available for the sale of merchandise, for solicitation of later sales, or for order placement
  • Informational programs by organizations that could obtain financial gain through contacts with attendees are not allowed

For Political Organizations

  • Forums or informational meetings for potential elected officials are allowed
  • Fundraising of any kind is expressly prohibited


Meeting rooms are available during open hours (Monday through Thursday: 9-8, Friday and Saturday: 9-5:30, Sunday: 1-5) and be can be reserved by phone at 515-278-5233 or with our Customer Portal.

Request a Room.