Book Bike

Book Bike

Ever seen a librarian pop a wheelie? Get ready to-the Book Bike is here!

A Bike? With Books?

We are very excited to introduce the Johnston community to the Johnston Public Library on wheels. The JPL Book Bike will allow us to provide library services like:

  • Checking out library books
  • Returning library books
  • Signing up for library cards
  • Internet access via a Wi-Fi hotspot

in locations all around Johnston. There are a couple bike book mobiles in other states, but to our knowledge, this is the first library bike book mobile in Iowa!

Interested in hosting a JPL Book Bike stop? Request a Stop!

Book BikeAbout the Bike

The JPL Book Bike is a Workman Cycles "Mover" industrial trike and the box and trailer were custom-built by local craftsman Mike Gustafson, owner of Nestcraft Studio in Des Moines. The bike has been outfitted with an electric mid-drive motor custom built by Michael Backus, owner of Lightning Rods.