Strategic Plan: FY2019 to FY2024


Johnston Public LibraryThe library's planning process began in 2016 with two community focus groups: one with Johnston residents and one with Library staff. Attendees were asked to share aspirations they had for the Johnston community and how the Library might play a role in achieving them. With this input, the Library Board created a new mission statement and Library staff developed a number of practical objectives for the next several years.


Promoting discovery. Inspiring creativity. Engaging community.

Strategic Theme #1: Promoting Discovery

We believe that a healthy community depends on broad and equitable access to information and help finding and understanding that information.

The library will promote discovery by:

  • Ensuring library collections, services, and spaces support the diverse interests and needs of our community
  • Expanding and promoting outreach initiatives
  • Helping patrons overcome economic, educational, and other barriers to information by providing access to technology and learning opportunities
  • Making staff expertise more accessible-particularly in the areas of early literacy, research, and reading

Strategic Theme #2: Inspiring Creativity

We believe that learning and creating are complementary and that individuals thrive when they have ways to express themselves.

The library will inspire creativity by:

  • Collecting and promoting foundational and practical resources in the sciences and humanities
  • Designing spaces and developing programs that encourage creative play
  • Offering opportunities for personal instruction
  • Providing access to creative tools and technology

Strategic Theme #3: Engaging Community

We believe that citizens learning more about each other and the place they live strengthens the community and empowers individuals.

The library will engage the community by:

  • Expanding and promoting the library's local history collections
  • Offering information about local organizations and services
  • Providing opportunities for patrons to explore the history and culture of Johnston's minority communities
  • Seeking partnerships that benefit library patrons and the community at large