Highway 141 Corridor Study

The Cities of Grimes & Johnston and Polk County are partnering with the Iowa DOT to prepare a traffic access management and operations review of the IA 141 corridor between the IA 44 (E 1st St/NW 70th St) and IA 415 interchanges. A map of the approximate three-mile-long IA 141 study corridor specific to this effort is shown in the accompanying exhibit. 

Each City has completed recent updates to its Comprehensive Land Use plans for the areas of influence on the corridor. The study will incorporate the Johnston Thrive 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update, the 2018 City of Grimes Comprehensive Plan, and the Polk County / Iowa DOT IA 141/415 Corridor Study (121st Street intersection improvements to the north). These plans, along with continued traffic growth, crash history, and land use development, have demonstrated the need for the agencies to evaluate short and long-term needs for continued safety and efficiency of operation for the future.

The primary objective will be the development of a master plan for the IA 141 corridor from the north IA 44 interchange to the IA 415 interchange.  The plan will include short-term and long-term build-out needs of the corridor, including access management, safety performance, major intersection location form, and function. The plan will provide the basis for future access management coordination and potential roadway improvement project planning.

To view the draft Highway 141 Corridor Study report, click here (PDF).

Below is the recorded presentation to review before the August 18 meeting. 

Below is the electronic meeting from Thursday, May 13th at 5:30 p.m.

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Project Contact:
David Wilwerding
Community Development Director
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Mark Perington, PE
Snyder and Associates
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